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    ???? 君子务本,本立而道生;敬事而信,直道而事人。一个人只有自信和努力才能使自己有所成就,一个企业更是如此。自信使我们在这个竞争与发展同在,机遇与挑战并存的环境中信心更足;诚信让我们学会脚踏实地和不懈追求,以精良、精准和精致的工程作品说话。企业有了这两点,就扎下了发展的根。它使企业里的每一个人在生活和工作中闪耀着务实求精和诚以待人的光辉,使我们的合作者和我们一样更加信心百倍地迎接未来。
    ???? 共生共赢,是安美久的核心价值观,是镌刻于安美久人内心的座右铭,更是我们为客户提供优质工程的动力和信念。安美久所走过的每一个脚印,都深深印记着我们不断追求和对社会的承诺。只有这样,我们才能无愧于我们的城市,无愧于我们的历史。
    ???? 优秀的思想源于优秀的文化,尊重人是安美久企业文化的精髓。做事踏实认真、待人宽容诚恳、追求博大精深、发展永无止境。我们将继续努力,不断追求一流品质和服务,营造热情开放、真诚协作、开拓进取的共赢氛围。
    ???? 我们深知过去的成就已经成为历史,我们将以恪守“诚信比利润更重要“的理念,以良好的品行来推动事业的发展,更渴望与各界朋友继续同心携手,达到“奉献社会,永续经营”的企业目标。
    ???? AMJ from now for nearly ten years, is ten years, ten years of wind and rain harvesting. From the early start of the sea "dinghy" to become the building metal roof, walls, floor manufacturers of building materials and construction unit of well-known enterprises, we have gone through a struggle of painstaking effort and sweat paved road. We thank the strong support for an Meijiu social from all walks of life and selfless love, thanks to the hard work in various positions of dedicated employees.
    ???? A gentleman is a business, and this is a way of life. A person only has the confidence and the effort to make oneself have the achievement, one enterprise is more so. Confidence makes us in this competition and development with the environment in which the opportunities and challenges are more confident. Enterprises have these two points, they have taken root in the development of. It makes every one of the enterprises in the life and work in the shining, pragmatic, refinement and sincere to treat light, our partners and we are more confident to meet the future.
    ???? Symbiotic win-win situation, is the core values of AMJ, is engraved on an Meijiu inner motto, is that we provide customers with the power of faith and quality engineering. Every step through AMJ, are deeply imprinted with our commitment to continue to pursue and to society. Only in this way, can we live up to our city, worthy of our history.
    ???? Good ideas from the outstanding culture, respect for people is the essence of enterprise culture AMJ. Things practical seriously, treat people with sincerity, the pursuit of profound, endless development. We will continue to strive to continue to pursue first-class quality and service, and create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, pioneering and enterprising spirit of win-win.
    ???? We know the past achievements have become history, we will abide by the "integrity is more important than the profits of the idea, in order to promote the development of the cause, but also to continue to work together with friends from all walks of life to achieve the goal of" dedication society, sustainable management

    联系电话:13735403657 联系人:陈先生 地址:萧山区鸿宁路1909号望京C3-15F


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